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Home » Watch Repair Hemet, CA

Watch Repair Hemet, CA

Fast, Quality Watch Repair Services Hemet, CA – Riverside County

At Quick Fix Jewelry, Watch & Phone Repair – Hemet, CA our jewelry and quality watch repair services in Hemet, CA – Riverside County offer the experience, training and state of the art tools necessary to repair virtually any problem you may have experienced with your watch. We combine our time tested craftsmanship and state of the art tools to provide you with a high quality repair experience. From repair to watch cleaning and polishing, our highly skilled watchmakers and repair artists will make sure that your watch operates and looks like new again.

Is your watch not keeping proper time anymore? Has it stopped running altogether? We can get it back to perfect running condition and quickly. No problem is too small either, including basic repairs like a battery or crystal replacement. We also repair and service a wide variety of styles and brands and have full access to all watch parts suppliers and major watch manufacturers.

Conveniently located, our the fast, quality watch repair services Hemet, CA – Riverside County, ensure that we can provide watch repair and maintenance at a fraction of the turnaround time that most other jewelers quote. As a matter of fact, in many situations, we can promise watch repair services same day, on site.

Extending Your Watch Life
If you’ve invested in a quality timepiece, it’s important to maintain it through regular, high quality service. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your watch and help maintain its time keeping accuracy. Similar to an automobile, to help keep your watch running perfectly it is advisable to perform regular maintenance. For manual wind watches, it’s recommended to have them serviced every 3 to 5 years, 5 to 7 for automatic watches.

If you have questions about our fast, quality watch repair services, Hemet, CA – Riverside County stop by or feel free to call (951) 925-5777 – our customer care team is here to help. With certified, highly skilled technicians, and a great customer service team, weíre ready to exceed your expectations.