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Home » Best Jewelry Repair in Temecula, CA

Best Jewelry Repair in Temecula, CA

Best Affordable Jewelry Repair in Temecula, CA – Riverside County

If you’re looking for the best affordable jewelry repair in Temecula, CA – Riverside County, you’ll find that experience, professionalism and talent are the primary factors that make up our company. Our crafts people are highly trained to assess, prepare and take care of jewelry that requires distinctive attention. Our company offers an extensive array of jewelry services, from re-setting and re-tipping gemstones and diamonds, to soldering and re-sizing rings and more. Let us bring new life to your prized jewelry in Temecula, CA – Riverside County.

Jewelry Restoration

Have you inherited a beautiful piece of jewelry? Perhaps a lovely necklace from your grandmother or your mother’s diamond wedding ring? We also specialize in restoring these kinds of pieces to their original design and luster. Maybe your favorite ring or necklace has been sitting in a drawer, not being appreciated just because of a missing stone or damage. We specialize in a wide variety of jewelry repair as well as complex restoration work, including all metals along with palladium and platinum. From a complete overhaul to recreating an accent, we can restore special pieces like these and are known as the best affordable jewelry repair in Temecula, CA – Riverside County, which includes antique jewelry restoration.

Gemstone Replacement

Do you have broken or missing gemstones? Or do you want to change the gemstone in your ring, bracelet or necklace? We have access to a wide variety of beautiful gemstones, in all shapes, sizes and colors, just waiting to be set. Do you have diamonds or gemstones that need to be re-cut or polished? We have trained specialists that can re-cut or polish most gemstones that are in need of enhancement.

Whether your needs include jewelry repair, restoration or custom design, Jewel Master Jewelers has covered. We take great pride in being the best affordable jewelry repair in Temecula, CA – Riverside County and returning the beauty to your treasured jewelry. Give us a call today!