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Quick Fix Jewelry, Watch & Phone Repair in Hemet & Temecula, CA – Riverside County

We are the premier Jewelry Store and specialize in Jewelry Repair, Watch Repair, Cell Phone Repair, iPhone Repair, iPad Repair and any cracked screen repair for any device in the Hemet & Temecula, CA area! We have been in business for over 30 years and are experts in Jewelry Appraisals, Custom Jewelry Design, Engraving, Ring Sizing and we offer a wide variety of premium brands and materials including top grade diamonds, Rolex watches Gold, Platinum and more.

Watch Repair

We are Hemet and Temcula’s best Jewelry & Watch Store, Watch Retailer, Clock Store and have styles for men and women. Our watch brands include, Gucci, Bulova, Movado, Seiko, Wittnauer, Citizen, and more!
If you need service, repair or maintenance on any of your time pieces Quick Fix Hemet & Temecula is the choice for you! We offer Watch Repair, Timepiece Overhaul, Watch Maintenance, Clock Repair, Clock Maintenance, Timepiece services of all kind. We can provide our various services while you wait which includes Watch Re-sizing, Watch Link Removal, Watch Battery Replacement and more all within our two locations at Hemet Valley Mall in Hemet, CA and the Promenade in Temecula, CA – Riverside County.

Jewelry Repair

Quick Fix Jewelry Repair in Hemet & Temecula, CA – Riverside County is fully staffed with expertly trained professionals who can handle all types of Jewelry Repairs: from resizing your ring and fixing your gold chain, to resetting your diamonds and other precious gemstones. When you stop by your local Quick Fix Jewelers, we’ll be able to help you with:

  • Resizing your jewelry to make sure it has the perfect fit.
  • Repairing your jewelry with the highest quality, in a timely manner.
  • Chain, bracelet and clasp repair.
  • Adjusting jewelry to ensure that all diamonds and gemstones are secure.
  • Cleaning, polishing and refinishing jewelry crafted of precious metals.
  • Personalizing your new or existing jewelry with our state of the art Computerized Engravers.
  • Creating a Custom Design piece of jewelry that is unique to you.
  • Watch repair including battery changes, crystal repair, cleaning and polishing.

All jewelry repairs done at our stores in Hemet & Temecula, CA – Riverside County are completed internally so you never have to worry about the safety of your jewelry, from start to finish. Have questions or need a repair? We’re always here to help! Find the nearest Quick Fix Jewelers, Watch & Phone Repair location or call us in Hemet, CA at (951) 925-5777 or in Temecula, CA (951) 296-0096

Cell Phone & Electronics Repair

SMARTPHONE REPAIR – Hemet & Temecula, CA

We fix all smartphone repairs, like Samsung, iPhone, HTC Blackberry, HTC Motorola, LG, Nokia and more. Whether your cell phone has water damage, needs a screen replacement, cell phone unlocking, or flashing, we will have it fixed for you same day.

IPAD & TABLET REPAIR – Hemet & Temecula, CA

We fix all iPads, iPods, Google Tablets, Kindle Tablets, Samsung devices and Motorola Tablets. With over 1000 iPads repaired and counting, trust CellSpot Repair to fix your broken iPad or Tablet in less than an hour.


If your gaming life has come to a hault due to a faulty video gaming console, bring your device in and let one of our expert technicians bring your device back to life. We rapair a variety of gaming consoles including Playstations, Xbox, and Nintendos.

Hemet & Temecula, CA Quick Fix Jewelry, Watch Repair, Phone Repair, Pictures and Videos

We take pride in everything that we do so feel free to check out our galleries and promotions below!.


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Hemet, CA Address :

Hemet Valley Mall:
2200 W Florida Ave #310, Hemet, CA 92545

Temecula, CA Address :

Promenade Temecula:
40820 Winchester Rd #1100, Temecula, CA 92591

Hemet, CA Phone# :

Hemet Valley Mall: (951) 925-5777

Temecula, CA Phone# :

Promenade Temecula: (951) 296-0096